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It offers such great performance and features so this is easy to understand. Depending on how the chip is used it can achieve up to dB dynamic range, dB 0. Our philosophy has always been to make affordable gear without charging hundred of dollars for diamond casing or making expensive and hip marketing videos. We have made a few different samples over the last few months and are finalising the circuit and doing additional testing these days. This opamp is a newer generation chip with greatly improved performance.

It can drive both line level loads and headphones with extremely low distortion, and we found it to be a very good match for ESPRO. They do the great reviews, showing how easily Topping and EMSL can outperform much more expensive competitors.

It would be great to see our devices measured on the same setup for proper 1 to 1 comparison. I bought this Dac in June, trusting the specifications indicated. If the values are much lower as described in other sites I would like to evaluate the refund.

Please be honest with your customers. We found that this rating was not correct and have removed it. Contact us and we can check. You also get lower distortion, better performance, especially at higher impedance loads. A good quality, low noise power supply will also improve sound quality. One more thing: the revision is better than the first version I received.

I heard the difference immediately. Which filter was chosen for this DAC? Which filter does it come with? I dont feel fatigue listening to it for hours, its sounds characteristic just easy, fun, and flows.

Wyred 4 Sound rattle Sabres with DAC-2v2, DAC-2v2 SE

I just double checked again.Two for sample rate of With up to seven kinds of PCM digital filter options, select a different filter curve to fine tuning the timbre, easy to meet different customers in the pursuit of subtle differences on timbre. It's not necessary to add an additional pre-amplifier for low-gain active speakers. Obviously, the new added circular screen is a new significant function of X-SABRE Pro, all the information can intuitively displayed on it, such as input channels, digital audio formats, sample rate, volume and etc.

The tempered glass inlaid in the front panel supporting touch control. The exterior of the product features a perfect combination of power and art. The aluminum CNC precision molding process to create the perfect mechanical strength and excellent interference shielding performance.

The delicate remote control, illustrating Matrix's notion of making everything better. Focusing on and carefully depicting every details, we provided more convenient operation on the device, meanwhile you can enjoy high-quality music contentedly. Audio dedicated low-temperature drift and non-inductance resistances, Noratel toroidal transformer, Neutrik connectors, etc. Asynchronous or synchronous X-SABRE Pro has the clock configuration circuit unit, can choose to use ESPRO synchronous clock source or external ultra-Low phase noise clock source, cooperate with software control to free convert ESPRO work mode between synchronous or asynchronous, and greatly improved the playability.

Different Strokes For Different Folks With up to seven kinds of PCM digital filter options, select a different filter curve to fine tuning the timbre, easy to meet different customers in the pursuit of subtle differences on timbre. A New Peak Audio dedicated low-temperature drift and non-inductance resistances, Noratel toroidal transformer, Neutrik connectors, etc. Mac OS X Most Android devices can be connected via OTG cable.Designed to Recognize and Realize the Artistic Vision.

For serious audiophiles it provides the most immersive listening experience — bringing music to life. Product briefs with further technical details and block diagrams are available here. About ESS Technology. For more than three decades ESS Technology has been on the cutting edge of audio technology.

A privately held fabless semiconductor company, ESS Technology designs and markets high-performance analog and HiFi audio devices for mobile, consumer, automotive, and professional audiophile systems. I have yet to hear a player with such a quiet background. The signal to noise ratio is fantastic which causes inner and background details to come forth adding a tremendous realism to music and theater audio alike.

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Audio News. Print Article. By: Dagogo Staff January Page 1 of 1. Dean, Ph. February 2, at pm PST. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Amplifiers with integrated DAC.

ES9038PRO SABRE DAC_mod + AMANERO USB Interface + BB OPA445BM x6

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es9038pro sabre dac

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es9038pro sabre dac

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. These are specially selected by the Audiophonics team according to the characteristics of the product. Bluetooth 5.

This document contains details about the transmitted signal, which results in infrequent timbre and harmonic quality. The ESPRO is supported by many high quality components, contributing to the quality of its sound reproduction.

es9038pro sabre dac

All this contributes to providing a stable current and a clean signal for a careful reproduction. In addition, a Mhz clock drastically lowers the jitter, always with a view of sound fidelity. The module benefits from a complete connectivity that will satisfy most needs.

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There is therefore an input I2S to adapt according to his needs, as well as a coaxial plug, an optical plug and the possibility of adding a Bluetooth module to take advantage of remote transmission. Of course, it is also possible to take advantage of the I2S to use a different interface according to your needs.

To function effectively and enjoy all its features, the DAC is accompanied by several accessories. There is therefore an LCD screen capable of displaying, for example, the active source, the sampling rate, the signal format DSD or PCMthe type of filter or the volume. To make these settings a panel with 3 buttons allows you to act on each parameter.

Check my cart. This ensures exceptional audio performance. The whole is supported by a set of components of high quality, for a rich and detailed restitution. More details. Average votes for this product. Based on 1 customers reviews. Read reviews 1. Yes, notify me when available! Reference : New product. Available on order. Last items in stock! Availability date:. Add to wishlist. Wishlist No products. My wishlists.

Limited special offer. Accessories for this product.While some people might find euro to be a very large sum of money and objectively it isI come from an audio past where you would need to spend at least euro to get a really great DAC. How times change.

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When operating the touch keys, they light up. After a while, they go off again. The unit enters standby after the absence of a signal after a while and automatically wakes up again when the signal resumes. During sleep mode, its USB input is not active, doubtless a consequence of EU legislation regarding low power consumption. It is built in the same way that the costly Jeff Rowland equipment is built: milled from a solid block of aluminum and with no single screw in sight.

This makes for a seamless monocoque housing that is vibrationally inert and very heavy. From this standpoint alone already my feeling is that the DAC is easily worth its asking price, but the list goes on.

But the all-important deciding factor is… how does it sound? Main playback application is Roon, with jRiver Media Center used primarily for metadata grooming. The X-Sabre Pro has an extended range of settings to be made that can influence the sound of the DAC to suit personal needs or preferences.

Naturally, I just had to try each and every one.


This makes for a nicely subtle smoothing effect that creates more fluid decays while providing seemingly higher resolution. I kept it on for the duration of my testing. The X-Sabre Pro, however, offers the user the option to choose. Switching from Asynchronous to Synchronous USB mode indeed seems to illustrate nicely why this mode is not used very often anymore.

In this context, I found that all the musical aspects lost a little, while nothing was gained. Then, of course, there are the various filter settings. They provide a subtle way to tweak the sound and vary from a softening effect to a focusing effect.

I found the default filter mode 1 to sound best. The brick wall filter also sounds good in the bass, but not so great overall, as it tends to flatten the sound somewhat. Just like with the sync USB setting, brick wall filters are not used often anymore, but it is great to have the option, again if only to convince oneself that the more modern filter settings really are technological advances, which I do think they are.USD It has impressive specifications and some great features like the THD compensation that minimises THD distortion caused by external components.

We have paired the ESPro with OPA output stage amplifier that can drive a wide range of loads including low and high impedance headphones and also line level loads like preamps and amplifiers.

The ESPro DAC chip creates a detailed sound quality that also have a mature, profound feel to it making it sound very real. There is a 3. A digital volume control sets the output level from the DAC chip to obtain lossless volume adjustment in 58 steps. With some Android phones it will require external power to work.


It also needs external power when used at full volume with low efficient, power hungry headphones like the Hifiman HE-5LE, as they draw to much current and will make the DAC partially cut out in peaks. So far we have tested the DAC with a few phones we have available. However it can be convenient to be completely mobile for a listening session and then quickly charge the phone.

Sound OK when connected to laptop on batteries only. Tried a lot of different cables, different headsets. It also gets very hot when used. ESPro is known for getting hot, and perform worse when it gets warm. This does not seem to be addressed either. Also, seems like there is a problem with QA, you can randomly get a bad unit. Just check the review on audiosciencereview. Shawn — December 7, Just recently received this item and I was very impressed.

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It is spacious and precise in the high tones and natural, velvet, and expanding sound stage. I know there is a negative review but I highly suspect it is because it did not have power supply and used USB power instead. That negative review says distortions but I am clueless why such review exists.

I am pretty sure there is nothing like that. It is more than what this unit requires but more is always better than less for power supply. For this price, I highly recommend this unit. Kim — November 22, But it turned out that the ESpro was real.

The wide stage and natural sound made me like the sound of the ESpro. There are a litte problems. The noise is caused by the electromagnetic wave and it is a little bit larger for mobile devices. But more than offset this all is the special sound of the ESpro. I bought UDA38pro very well. Arjan — November 9, I found the sound a little too noisy for audiophile use.

Disconnecting the stock power supply, running solely on USB power, eliminated most of the noise, but in order to let this DAC really show its full potential, some limited extra investments are needed. I now use the following accessories listed in order of importance for boosting perceived sound quality : 1. Supra USB 2.